Concept | Kitibook

Why ?

Constructive toys for children

Our mission is to provide children and families with educational toys that will keep them away from screens and their harmful influence on their brain development. We believe in the importance of early cognitive development and its impact on a child’s future, and we believe this development can be enhanced with the right tools. All our toys are made with fabric and designed with language therapists and fine motor skills specialists. Currently, our main product is the Kitibook.

The child does never get bored

The Kitibook is a 100% customizable quiet book for babies and children from 10 months to 6 years old. All of our sheets can be grouped with laces. We recommend to parents to give one sheet at a time to their children. When the key concept of the sheet is learnt, then they can move on to the next one. Every sheet can be considered as a unique toy, providing your children with multi and a continuous learning experience.

How to use the Kitibook ?

Undo book laces

Learn the concept

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A toy for the family

The Kitibook is a family toy because many children can play at the same Kitibook, different sheet. And they exchange the sheets they play with.

It’s a real investment that the child will keep for years (not a toy that we will throw after a month). The Kitibook is 100% washable

Group learning

The Kitibook can also be used in nursery, kindergarten, activity center, hotel and in doctor’s waiting room… Language therapist, fine motor skills specialists, neurpsychologist… can use in there daily work with there patients.

Montessori method

The Kitibook is based on the Montessori method: Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. The four principles of the Montessori method are: