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Contact us! We can track within the order confirmation number what we shipped to you.
Don't worry, you won't have to pay customs charges or import taxes for orders within USA. For the other countries, please visit our international website to order kitibook.com
In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we can’t exchange the pages. However, there is the Kitifamily on Facebook where you can directly exchange with each other! That's the advantage of community!
If you placed your order less than 30 minutes ago: Just call us and we'll see what we can do! If you placed your order more than 30 minutes ago: We process your order quickly, which means that we can't change or cancel it once it's been confirmed. Unfortunately, we can't change the shipping option, shipping address or pages. You still have the right to return the parcel and be reimbursed, if unopened and unused. 🙂
If you just placed your order less than 30 minutes ago:Call us and we'll see what we can do! If you placed your order more than 30 minutes ago:We package your order very fast, which means we can't change or delete it once it's been confirmed. Unfortunately we can't change delivery option, delivery address or composition of the box.
In order to modify your e-mail address, contact us! No worries if you have not received the confirmation of your order, once you contact us we will send you a confirmation of your order.
Please take a look on your spam ? If you don’t fin dit, maybe you make a mistake writing your email. No worries, contact us.


From the day you received your order you have 14 days to make a return if you change your mind you will not need to give any reason or extra payment, except return shipping. It is necessary that the return shipping is made with a carrier that provides recorded delivery. The products must be unopened and in their original packaging. The parcel must be sent within the two weeks in which it was received. The date on the stamp will be taken as proof of postage. You will also need to write a letter to us by recorded delivery addressed to Compass Freight Brokers 7700 NW 79th PL., STE# 3 MEDLEY, FL. 33166. The letter must state: your order number, name of buyer, the order date and the reason for returning the goods. Also we kindly ask that you include a copy of the bill so that we can reimburse you. Please don't forget: the return parcel is under your own responsibility until it arrives at our warehouse, so it's important that you keep proof of sending it until we receive it! We will process your return as soon as we receive it and you will receive a confirmation e-mail. We'll do our best to shorten the delay of reimbursement which may take up to 30 days after return. 🙂
You will receive an e-mail confirming dispatch, with a link that will enable you to track your order at every movement. Our preparation time for your order is 48 working hours (Monday to Friday).
Get in touch with your neighbours or concierge if you weren't at home, as the delivery person can give the parcel to them to spare you the trip to the post office. If nobody has received the parcel for you, contact us !
Don't panic! If you're away when your parcel is delivered, The postman will leave a note in your mailbox telling you at which post office you can pick it up.
We deliver all over the world ! Please visit our international website kitibook.com if you are outside USA.